Absinth wormwood

Artemisia absinthium

- Strong unpleasant odor, similar to sage but not as nice
- Stems and leaves are usually covered with silky gray hairs, especially when young
- May appear greener and less hairy in moist or shady sites
- Stems are grooved and branched above
- Grows in clusters of several upright stems from one large woody taproot
- Plants are three to five feet tall, up to two feet wide
- Leaves are olive-green above, white below, covered with silky gray hairs, one to five inches long, divided one to two times and deeply lobed
- Leaves are spirally arranged on stem
- Flowers are small, yellowish, disc-shaped, nodding, and arranged in a leafy, spike like panicle at the top of the stems
- Lower stems and base of plant are often woody
- Flowers from July through September

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