Yellow woodsorrel

Oxalis stricta

Flowers: Yellow wood sorrel flowers are buttery yellow in color and relatively small, measuring 1.5 cm. in width. This radially symmetrical flower has five petals that surround ten stamens and a singular, erect central pistil. Flowers are widely spaced and moderate in number per plant.
Fruit: The small, capsule-like fruit is positioned at a sharp angle atop the terminal shoot of a straight or ascending stalk.
Leaves: The clover-shaped leaves of the yellow wood sorrel are relatively small, measuring approximately 1.5-2 cm. in width. Leaves are palmately divided into three distinct lobes and have a mildly sour taste. These leaves open at dawn and close at dusk or when exposed to environmental stresses.Each plant holds several leaves, creating a dense, carpet-like growth form.
Habitat: The yellow wood sorrel grows best in open field, along roadways, and around waste areas.

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