Rapeseed (volunteer oilseed rape)

Brassica napus spp. oleifera

Annual or biennial.
Cotyledons: Kidney-shaped and shallowly notched.
Stems: Up to 1.5 m (59.05 inch) tall, herbaceous, branching, erect, reddish-purple below, greenish-red above, glabrous, from large thickened taproot to +10 cm (+3.93 inch) in diameter.
Leaves: Alternate, glabrous. Lowest leaves up +25 cm (+9.84 inch) long, lyrate-pinnatifid, with small prickles above and below on leaf tissue.
Middle and upper cauline leaves clasping, glabrous, glaucous, lanceolate.
Margins crenate with prickles caused by veins extending beyond leaf tissue.