Perennial sow thistle

Sonchus arvensis

Perennial weed with runners (stolons) that extend under the topsoil and that are densely covered with buds. S. arvensis produces latex and is a preferred feed for birds, chicken and geese.

Extensive underground root system. The leaves of perennial sowthistle are not as deeply lobed as annual sow-thistle. Dark green leaves with purplish margins.

Cotyledons: Round or roundly-oval, entire, prostrate, short stalk.

Stems: Erect, for the most part simple, branched only at the top, up to 150 cm (59.05 inch) high.

Leaves: First ones round-widely oval with finely toothed margin, subsequent leaves lanceolate, pinnatifid, prickly toothed, cordate sessile.

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